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DUNS Number: 117067505

CAGE Number: 8BVS8

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Marketing and PR

Digital transformation and cognitive social mining have reshaped the performance of social media advertisements and marketing funnels with tremendous speed.

The latest research reveals hidden patterns of unstructured data acquired from social network and marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Ads.

Our specialty is optimizing cutting-edge branding through digital technologies, social media and traditional thought leadership promotion for corporate and government clients. 

We have expertise in everything from government relations, media relations, and reputation management to social media engagement and website design innovation services. To date, we have cultivated a valuable network of journalists and editorial relationships that we leverage to place news about our clients in various publications of well-established media outlets.

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Our Services


Social Media Marketing

With a structured and well-proven approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Building, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Wikipedia Positioning, Youtube and web-branding we secure Top Level exposure for top clients on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others

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Video Production

DataViz offers a unique opportunity to companies looking for video content as we have a dedicated in-house video production team, which provides a range of video services that showcase an enterprise client creatively.

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While the environment inspires us, the team strives for ease, simplicity, and intuitive process. Products created with these principles in mind making them a pleasure to own and use is what we aspire to.

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Public Relations

 Our goal is to create a foundational, cohesive and rapid response-oriented media relations strategy. We consort with the latest affairs while raising awareness with a ‘finger on the pulse’ business style. Honed in on the heartbeat of current trends, our content is widely endorsed in influential broadcasting houses and select publications alike.

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Web Development

In uniting the skills of designers and developers, the visual part of coding is central to our duties. We facilitate the final design of the product by focusing on detail and quality of design at the highest levels.


Creative Advertisment

Any well-structured brand strategy is designed around modern digital trends. High quality video, digital and print trends may create a comprehensive presence and reach a wider audience. As a one stop-solution, we provide a full range of services. These include video content production, audio production, animation, and other web development services.

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