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DUNS Number: 117067505

CAGE Number: 8BVS8

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Public and Private Sector

Public sector organizations have tremendous amounts of siloed data. By combining all your data and making it easier for everyone to explore, Qlik supplies valuable insights that will facilitate services' improvement and your mission fulfillment.


Deliver federal government agency services more effectively, transparently and efficiently.


Explore agency data to uncover opportunities for refining operations and reducing costs. Whether ensuring national security or monitoring food safety, connect data to launch new visions that will expand your agency’s abilities to meet its goals.

Health Care

Healthcare analytics to help you thrive in the era of value-based care.


Having many obstacles to the way of reaching a balance between the patients’ needs and a healthier bottom line, Qlik combines internal and external data and gives you a comprehensive view of the patients or a specific group of people. Now you can target those with most health issues. All in your regular workflow. Track results of your programs and see what is (and isn’t) happening in your operation areas: emergency, radiology, operating rooms or lab departments.

Retail & Hospitality

Transform your retail operation with a data-driven vision.


Get your data out of silos. Qlik will help you to direct your retail operation to a faster, smarter, and more customer-centric mode.


Connect the dots between sales, returns, and customer data across all the channels – retail store, e-commerce, call center, app, and catalog – so you can improve customer intelligence and marketing impact.

Digital Commerce

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Manufacturing / Logistics

Transform your business with faster, fact-based decisions. Qlik helps the manufacturing organizations use data to optimize processes, expand supply chain agility, and serve a modern customer sufficiently.


Industry 4.0 and IoT deliver the machine and product performance that manufacturers need to improve the operations. Qlik ensures faster time-to-value and streamlined processes by surfacing highly accurate and groundbreaking insights across the entire product lifecycle.


Analyze Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) to understand uptime at each production site and improve the throughput. Qlik’s associative technology brings together all key machine-level data, such as availability, performance, and quality. Now, manufacturers can evaluate factors and discover operational impacts easily. 


Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) is core to managing complex enterprise ecosystems.

Marketing and PR

Digital transformation and cognitive social mining have reshaped the performance of social media advertisements and marketing funnels with tremendous speed.

The latest research reveals hidden patterns of unstructured data acquired from social network and marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Ads.

Our specialty is optimizing cutting-edge branding through digital technologies, social media and traditional thought leadership promotion for corporate and government clients. 

We have expertise in everything from government relations, media relations, and reputation management to social media engagement and website design innovation services. To date, we have cultivated a valuable network of journalists and editorial relationships that we leverage to place news about our clients in various publications of well-established media outlets.

Apply the sales and research data to accelerate innovation. Capitalize on every customer touchpoint and gain a global supply chain of visibility.


Drive sales across an extended partner network. Protect intellectual property. Discover new customer perceptions and business opportunities.


Improve sales forecasting and orchestrate sufficient supply/demand planning and execution. Track leading indicators and adjust operations to secure better product availability. Manage product life cycles and innovation processes for optimal ROI.

Finance and Banking

Reshape the decision-making process in financial services to drive profitable outcomes.


Disparate and incomplete information stands between events and actions. Versatile data engine breaks down the complexity of incompatible data and delivers analyses to those who need it, instantly. Accurate information enhances the quality of decisions and causes profitable outcomes.


Smarter decisions for banking – optimize risks, understand costs and maximize profits.

Make trustworthy decisions, based on facts.

Accelerate risks and trading decisions, simplify complex mathematical problems and meet regulatory requirements.

Placement and Recruitment

If you need a permanent employee or a temporary recruit, we have solution for your company's needs.

Our dedicated team of consultants prides itself on finding the optimal fit between the client and the candidate.

We are looking to finding the highest professionals for our clients. Our consultants take the time to acquire deep understanding of the position to be filled, the company's corporate culture and all the subtleties that matter. 

Public and Private Sector
Digital Commerce
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